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Increase the effeciency with the Damon System,

15. Mar, 2019 - 16. Mar, 2019

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Integratied Straight Wire: How to increase the effeciency and the effectiveness with the use of the Damon System

Today’s challenge is to obtain dental movements towards the planned final position, right from the first treatment phases.
This approach is important in all types of malocclusions.

To work in this way, it is necessary to reduce the appearance of anomalous dental movements generated by an inadequate base set—up and to integrate not very efficient or ineffective base set—ups maintaining the set up as simple as possible.

The above elements will be adressed through a “theoretical and clinical lecture” with the presentation of different kinds of case reports.

During the course I’m going to present the protocol Integrated Straight Wire developed using Damon System features highlighting “why, when and how” we use auxiliaries in the different treatment phases. I will pay specific attention to two auxiliaries used during the first phases of treatment: Bite planes and Light Elastics.

The lecture will be suitable for both beginners, as well as experienced Damon doctors.


15. Mar, 2019
16. Mar, 2019
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