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CDD Computerbased Dental Diagnostics Course Part 1,

02.07.20 - 04.07.20

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Course Part 1 02-04 July 2020

Course will be held at Zirkonzahn.Klinik in Italy

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Regardless of the type of workflow that is adopted for the creation of dental restorations (digital vs traditional), the exact acquisition of patient data paves the way for a complete healing. In Computer Dental Diagnostics – Part 1, with MDT Udo Plaster participants gain in-depth understanding of the PlaneSystem® approach – an innovative method for digital patient analysis based on a comprehensive view of the human being.

Dentists and dental technicians from several countries around the world are gathering in South Tyrol, in the inspiring premises of the brand new Zirkonzahn Klinik, to share a three-day immersion on the topic of digital patient analysis. Coached by the inventor of the PlaneSystem® in person, MDT Udo Plaster, the participants could experience first-hand and deepen their understanding of the PlaneSystem® approach, a transfer method that respects and recognises the patient as a person.

MDT Udo Plaster’s approach derives its increasing success from the innovative yet simple acquisition of patient-specific information, which considers how the maxilla and the mandible relate to the rest of the body based on the patient’s Natural Head Position. The patient’s precise data can be implemented 1:1 into the virtual world, allowing for a better achievable function and aesthetics design of restorations in the digital environment. With the principle of “you get what you really want”, the PlaneSystem® allows dentists to provide their patients with a comprehensive consultation based on 100% individual and predictable outcomes, resulting in a greater engagement of the patient, who can now feel part of the treatment pathway.

Citations of participants:

“The course with Udo Plaster greatly exceeded my expectations, gifting me with a new and exceptional working approach. This will shake up completely the idea that I have about care, study and attention on every single technical case.”
(DT. Loris Brioli, Cardiff, United Kingdom)

“Zirkonzahn’s ambition to a transcendent dimension that looks beyond the simple technical and practical aspects of the mere job, leaves room for a broader approach that I could tangibly experience.”
(Dr. Federico Belometti, Brescia, Italy)


Scandinavia, Greece, Netherlands
T +39 0474 066 – 721



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