Classes for blocks


You can use these classes to manage how many columns in a row you want.
pukk1 , pukk2 , pukk3 , pukk4 , pukk5

* Don’t forget to set the same Number of Posts in a specific field.

Header size

To manage header size use one of these classes:

headtext-16px , headtext-18px , headtext-20px , headtext-22px , headtext-24px , headtext-26px , headtext-28px , headtext-30px


To manage background of the block use one of these classes:

bg-lightgrey , bg-yellow , bg-lightgrey , bg-lightblue , bg-lightred

Image height

To make height of images the same you can limit the height using use one of these classes:

pukk-image-100px , pukk-image-120px , pukk-image-150px , pukk-image-180px , pukk-image-200px , pukk-image-220px , pukk-image-250px , pukk-image-280px , pukk-image-300px

Example: pukk4 bg-lightgrey + Show Featured image, Show categories, Show date, Show title (this sort is important for good view)

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